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Long Lands Common Community Food Forest Membership Consultation.

Our Food Forest project is an aspiration to use some of the unallocated money we are currently holding idle in the Long Lands Society’s bank account, to purchase an additional parcel of land within the Greenbelt, near to the main Long Lands Common site.

Where Long Lands Common is in the process of becoming a publicly accessible woodland and nature reserve, Long Lands Community Food Forest would be intended as an accessible space for public horticulture.


Visitors to the Food Forest will be able not just to wander (and ponder) amongst examples of how food can be grown in a sustainable manner, but also join in volunteering days as we sow and harvest produce together across the seasons.

"The purchase would improve access to the common, boost its impact as a wildlife corridor and strengthen its effectiveness as an obstacle to future development or road building on the greenbelt. The land would be managed according to the Longlands values, with a greater emphasis on access and on meeting human needs." - Kate Wilkinson, Permaculture Designer, Food Forest Team Leader.

If we receive at least 60% of submissions in favour of continuing the project, the Long Lands committee will proceed with the purchase of more land from within our existing funds, and the establishment of the Food Forest. The budget for the food forest project land purchase is not to exceed £60,000.

This is YOUR decision Longlanders, for the society of which YOU are a co-owner, and the project will not continue without your assent. Please give it your most serious of consideration, and then fill out the membership consultation form below.

Voting Form

Your vote has been registered!

If you have any questions about the Food Forest project, why not come along to our AGM?



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