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Design Suggestions For Area 3B.
Over the spring and summer months we will be starting to design and construct area 3b at Long Lands Common:

Located on the southern side of the common, in the human zone, area 3b was initially drawn up as a tree nursery area to provide a single yield - young trees.

When Permaculture design principles were applied to the task it was quickly realised that this area  offers us a fantastic opportunity to be more creative and design a human activity zone that provides many more yields for both humans and other flora and fauna.

So far, and with protection of the young trees in mind, we have a plan to create a deer-proof barrier around the perimeter of 3b by digging a ditch and bank pale (often called a ha-ha) - much the same as the Knaresborough foresters once did on our north-west boundary when creating Bilton Deer Park for the kings and queens in the thirteenth century.

Topped by a paling fence and a planted hedge, the ha-ha will not just prevent deer from munching the young saplings inside, it will also provide other yields such as additional edge habitat for birds and small mammals, a source of food and useful materials for humans and wildlife, and an extra water source and additional wetland habitat due to the ditch.

Excitingly for us, the descendants of the Brigantes, like an iron-age hill fort, it will also provide a hidden sanctuary and communal area for creative human activities.

As part of the design process we are keen to hear imaginative ideas and suggestions from you, our members, about the activities, features and yields you would like to see this area provide for our community and wildlife.


To submit your ideas and suggestions please fill out the form below:

Tree Nursery Design Suggestions Form

Thanks for submitting your view!

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