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Dog Policy Survey

Long Lands Common has the competing aims of creating a public green space whilst also enhancing the biodiversity of the greenbelt. This creates the following dilemma on the issue of access for dogs:

  • Many of our members are dog owners who enjoy walking their dogs in the countryside and dog walking is a very popular form of recreation for the people of our towns, and many local people have bought shares expecting to be able to walk their dogs on Long Lands Common.

  • Dogs are domesticated apex predators who do not enhance biodiversity when being exercised by their owners in the diverse wildlife habitats we are intending to create on these 30 acres of land. Open access for dogs will prevent the creation of a wildlife refuge in this greenbelt corridor linking Long Lands Common with Nidd Gorge.

After much discussion and debate amongst members of the committee we have come up with 2 possible solutions to this dilemma that we would like to put to the vote amongst our membership. Please enter your preference, below:

Dog Policy Survey
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Thanks for submitting your view!

Our dog policy will be kept under review, and may be changed over time in order to best meet the needs of the site.

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