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Metal Detecting Weekend

Long Lands Common will be holding a Metal Detecting Weekend, on the 30th and 31st of October.

At this event, we will allocate search areas to each participant, and aim to scan the entire Long Lands Common site to look for historical artefacts.

If you would like to participate, you will need to bring:

- A metal detector.

- Suitable tools for digging up any finds.

- Other supplies and snacks to keep you going.

Long Lands Common Wardens will be on hand, to help organise the search areas and assist with collecting and cataloging finds, and we hope to also have tea available.

We can confirm we will be able to offer a "treasure hunt" area for youngsters, where we will have buried a few items of interest. The Treasure Hunt will start at 11AM on each day, and will aim for half an hour of Detecting for each child - we have 3 spare Detectors available for this activity, so it may be suitable to speak to the Site Wardens to work out when they will be available.


The start time for both days will be 10AM.

If you wish to join in with our Metal Detecting Weekend, please sign up below:

Metal Detecting Day Sign-up Form
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Details Submitted!

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