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This is an application form for an incorporated organisation to buy shares in Long Lands Common and to become a member of the Society. Please note carefully that unincorporated organisations cannot become shareholders.

Representatives of incorporated organisations must be aged 16 or over.

All members must be shareholders and all shareholders must be members.

Before purchasing your shares you are advised to read our Share Offer : LONG LANDS COMMON SHARE OFFER

You may also wish to read our Business Plan : LONG LANDS COMMON BUSINESS PLAN

Each share costs £1 and we are selling them in batches of 50 (i.e £50, £100, £150, £200 etc).


The minimum investment is £50. The maximum is £37,500.


Please fill out the form below then click on "Submit form and proceed to payment"

We are committed to making sure that the share buying process is a smooth one, and if problems are encountered please contact Jo Smalley, Membership Secretary at info@longlandscommon.org, and she can help asap with advice on completing the form, or making a paper form application.

We will try our best to deliver your physical certificates before Christmas,

but cannot guarantee delivery for Share Application Forms processed after after the beginning of December.

Membership and Share Application Form For Organisations


Intended payment method

*** If you want to pay online, using your card, please complete the form on this current page and then head to an external website, called Donorbox, by clicking HERE to submit your card details. When you are on Donorbox, please mirror the amount you have pledged. We have included the Donorbox platform fee with the Online Card Transactions.

Your Signature (Click and move your cursor to draw your signature). If you have trouble signing, please take a photo of your signature and email it to us instead.


You have selected to purchase shares with a total value of

PLEASE NOTE: When paying by BACS our account cannot currently be confirmed as verified by the big six banks because our Coop Bank is yet to join the new 'Confirmation of Payee' system they are now using. Please be assured that payments will still be safely and successfully made using the sort code, account number and payee details provided.

By providing your details through our website forms and other methods you agree to be contacted by Long Lands Common Limited . We will treat your data with respect and you can find further details in our privacy policy. You can stop receiving updates at any time by unsubscribing. To do this email - info@longlandscommon.org

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