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Our open Share Offer is currently closed to new member applications.

Please only use the form below if you have been specifically invited to apply for Long Lands Common membership.

Before purchasing your shares you are advised to read our Share Offer : LONG LANDS COMMON SHARE OFFER

You may also wish to read our Business Plan : LONG LANDS COMMON BUSINESS PLAN


Each share costs £1 and we are selling them in batches of 50 (i.e £50, £100, £150, £200 etc).


The minimum investment is £50. The maximum is £37,500.

Please fill out the form below then click on "Submit form and proceed to payment"

We are committed to making sure that the share buying process is a smooth one, and if problems are encountered please contact Jo Smalley, our Membership Secretary, at, and she can help with advice on completing the form, or making a paper form application.

Shares can still be bought until the 20th of December.

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Membership and Share Application Form For Individuals


Please specify what you would like to happen in the event of your death*:

If you have chosen to transfer the shares, or value of the shares, to a named person*, please fill in their details here

* If your named person(s) is currently under 16 they must be over 16 at the time of your death to receive the actual shares. If they are under 16 at the time of your death they will receive the value of the shares instead.

**This is not a legal document and is separate to the official share certificate in your name

What method did you use to pay for your shares (if you inherited your shares, please select "inherited")

Application Form Submitted.

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